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Selecting Your Honoree

The Song of Miriam Awards honor women who have made a difference in the Jewish community by contributing time and energy through volunteer efforts.

You may want to form a committee to select the honoree. Make your selection using the following guidelines:

The honoree must be a Jewish woman volunteer, age 18 or older, who has not previously received the Song of Miriam award. Click here for the list of past honorees.

Sitting presidents of an organization are not eligible to be honored by that organization.

Your criteria for selecting an honoree could include the extent of their contribution to the organizatiion; their creativity; their length of service; their exceptional coöperative efforts within the community; the impact of their work on others; or their ability to inspire others to action.

An organization may submit only one honoree each year, and the same honoree cannot be chosen by more than one organization.

As soon as you’ve made your selection, please send JWRT the following information by e-mail:  

The name of your organization

The name and phone number of a contact person in your organization

The name of your honoree

The honoree’s phone number

The honoree’s mailing address

The honoree’s e-mail address

(The contact information will be kept confidential.)

E-mail the information to JWRT@frontier.com

Writing Your Honoree’s Profile

This profile will be read when the honoree is introduced at the Song of Miriam Awards Brunch. It can be a maximum of 200 words; longer profiles will be edited by JWRT.

Your 200-word narrative could include:

The honoree’s most important accomplishments for your organization;

   Her outstanding traits that make her a valuable volunteer;

  A very short quote from a person she has worked with;

     An exceptional accomplishment outside of your organization.

Please have your honoree review the profile before submitting it.

If you would like help preparing the profile, feel free to contact Marki Maizels at OregonMarki@gmail.com or (503) 682-9808.

To submit the profile, you can either:

Create a new Word document in which you type the profile.
  E-mail the file as an attachment to the address below.

Or create a new e-mail message that includes the profile.

 Send the profile to OregonMarki@gmail.com. The 2020 deadline is Friday, April 24th.  

Supporting Your Honoree

After you’ve submitted the profile, there are other things your organization should do before the Awards Brunch:

The honoree’s brunch reservation: Each organization is expected to pay for its honoree’s brunch, preferably at the patron level.  When your group receives the brunch reservation form, please return it, along with payment, as soon as possible.

Encouraging your members to attend: Honorees appreciate having members of their organizations at the brunch when they are being recognized. When you receive the brunch reservation form, we ask that you publish it in any printed newsletters you have or send it by e-mail to your members. (Please be sure to use the form for this year’s event.)

The honoree’s reserved table:  One table for 10 at the brunch is reserved for each honoree, so she can sit with family and friends.

JWRT does not determine who sits at that table. The honoree and your  organization’s JWRT contact person should take responsibility for deciding who sits there. People sitting at the honoree’s table need to use the regular reservation form to pay for their brunch.

If your honoree’s table is full, 10 other family members and friends can reserve their own table using the regular brunch reservation form.

What if your honoree can’t attend:  JWRT encourages you to honor a person who is able to attend the brunch. However, things sometimes arise that prevent an honoree from being there. In those cases, please notify a member of the JWRT board as soon as possible. A family member or another member of your organization can accept the award on behalf of the honoree, however JWRT needs to know the details in advance.

Reviewing the description of your organization in the program: The printed program for the brunch contains short descriptions of each organization that has nominated an honoree. If you’d like to review the description, please have your organization’s JWRT contact person get in touch with one of the people listed below at least one month before the brunch.

For More Information

Click Here   to send an e-mail to JWRT with your questions.

Thank you for participating in this year’s Song of Miriam Awards.

Selecting Your Honoree

Writing Your Honoree’s Profile

Supporting Your Honoree

For More Information