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Selecting Your Honoree

The Song of Miriam Awards honor women who have made a difference in the Jewish community by contributing time and energy through volunteer efforts.

Please make your honoree selection as soon as possible. This year’s deadline

to submit the name and contact information of your honoree is Friday, April 5 th.

(Meeting this deadline will ensure your honoree’s name appears in publicity

about the event.)

Below you will find guidelines for selecting your honoree and notifying JWRT. If you have further questions, you can contact Marki Maizels at (503) 682-9808 or by e-mail at JewishWomensRoundTable@gmail.com.

Who should participate in the selection process? That is something your organization needs to decide. Some groups have their officers make the choice; others form a special committee or ask former honorees to participate.

Who is eligible to be honored? The honoree must be a woman who volunteers for a Jewish organization, age 18 or older, who has not previously received the Song of Miriam award. (You can check the list of past honorees at jwrt.org and clicking on “Song of Miriam” and “Past Honorees.”)

An organization may submit only one honoree each year, and the same woman

cannot be honored by more than one organization.

It’s highly recommended that you select someone who is available to attend the

brunch, so they can be honored in person.

What criteria can be used in making the selection?

These could include:

As soon as you’ve made your selection…

Please send JWRT the following information:

    (The information will be kept confidential.)

Please send the information by e-mail to Ellen Bick at EllenRBick@gmail.com by Friday, April 5 th .

The next step for your organization will be preparing a profile of your honoree.  JWRT will send you details on writing profiles when we receive your honoree information.

Thank you for participating in the

2024 Song of Miriam Awards!