In 1993, when the Jewish Women's Round Table (JWRT) held its first event to honor outstanding women volunteers, the group chose Miriam, sister of Moses and Aaron, as the spiritual symbol for the occasion.

It was Miriam who saved her baby brother, Moses, and who became a strong leader of the Hebrew people during the Exodus from Egypt. The Song of Miriam is one of the oldest poetic couplets in the Bible; it is a triumphal poem celebrating the Hebrews’ victory over the Egyptians.

Miriam led the women of Israel in song and dance after Pharaoh’s men were drowned in the sea (Exodus 15:20). That is the reason an illustration of Miriam with a tambourine is used in connection with the Song of Miriam Brunch.

Miriam’s life was one of support and leadership. Her exemplary qualities of bravery, ingenuity, social responsibility, loyalty to family, and a love of music, story-telling and dance, make her an appropriate symbol for this event.